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Lisa & Greg. Married.
Tuesday, December 03, 2013 2:57PM

Final wedding of 2013 and longest wedding of 2013, and I couldn't think of a better pair than Lisa and Greg for it... a couple and their wedding so awesome, it broke my computer *twice* today... but two Blue Screens of Death couldn't stop me from bringing you their wedding in all of it's glorious kick-assery by tonight... hooking up at the Hilton before heading off to the Domes and an impromptu stop at one of my favourite derelict packing houses and putting Dress #2 through it's paces, before getting the formalities out of the way at St. John's and finally to the sumptuous Grain Exchange with a stop in the brewery district for good measure, the party steamed on with toasted marshmallows and a live Big Band (replete with a guest duet flown in from CA for the first dance)...and as if all of that wasn't special enough, it was simply amplified by Lisa & Greg and their fantastic collection of family and friends...love these guys...  

Shoot: Katelyn & Mike. Married.
Monday, November 04, 2013 5:09PM

We caught up with Mike and well...a 'little while' later, the gorgeous Katelyn to begin their production of a wedding in the most apt of locations at the MPAC, and a butt-grabbing first look later this pair of Bears fans and their assembled bridal army hit the streets for some kick-assery, before heading back up to complete the formalities (complete with a unity crate, which Katelyn absolutely 'nailed') before the party began...Katelyn & Mike. Married. from Steve Bowman on Vimeo.

Shoot: Lisa & Corey. Married.
Monday, October 14, 2013 10:09PM

Well, they say the best thing come in small packages, and this wedding was proof of that once more... yet Lisa & Corey proved that even if you're just having your closest friends along for the party, you can still do it right, with all of the trimmings and belles and whistles and zombie-hunting-nerf-guns.. perfectly married intimacy with glamour for these self-confessed geeks for who WoW has a double meaning.. it was such an honour to be there for these guys..gosh I even have teared up a lil during their vows.. there are vows and there are vows.. these were neither.. they really were vows...Lisa & Corey. Married. from Steve Bowman on Vimeo.

Shoot: Gretchen & Carlos. Married.
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 3:42PM

Only a few weeks since we toured the Third Ward with Gretchen & Carlos, they and what felt like half of Puerto Rico once again descended upon Milwaukee for the Big Day, kicking off in short order at Old St Mary's, then a lazy afternoon overlooking the Art Museum before finishing the party (complete with flash card speeches) at Coast all culminated in a big surprise of a traditional drum performance that surely made the far flung guest list more than glad they made the trip.. it's not often you get to ululate at weddings after all, but if you do, I can't think of anyone more deserving than these guys...Gretchen & Carlos. Married. from Steve Bowman on Vimeo.

Shoot: Angi & Chris. Married.
Tuesday, September 03, 2013 9:04PM

 Last time we saw Angi & Chris was tearing around Madison, where they seemed to conjure out of nowhere an epic sunset over the lake... I quietly wondered before yesterday how I was going to top that for their portraits, but never fear, they managed to bring along searing sunshine, truly epic storm clouds, a rainbow and the lakefront sunset to end all sunsets. Pretty sure when I see them next it's going to rain unicorns or something... eerily amazing weather aside however, it paled in comparison to these guys and their stellar family and friends... just one amazing thing after another.. so for all those people in the church waiting for kick off and Angi to waltz down the aisle...well... it was worth the wait. We could have waited for four hours and it still would have been...Angi & Chris. Married. from Steve Bowman on Vimeo.

Shoot: Jess & Nick. Married.
Monday, August 19, 2013 4:41PM

 Ugh. I could write for an hour and still not get across to you how kick-ass this wedding was. I've been jonsing to see these two again ever since we risked tetanus together on the engagement shoot... they did not disappoint. So much awesome, so much love. So much love in fact, the ceremony took a time out while we waited for the ring to make the love-rounds of the guests.. in fact I think that little break was what got me sunburned.. my first of the year.. but I guess if it had to happen with anyone, I'm glad it was with these two... I mean, they had Mika on their slideshow soundtrack, impromptu, legit team dance-offs and the frothiest beer ever for cryin out loud...Gosh, can you imagine how face-meltingly awesome this wedding would've been if Norman was there too?..Jess & Nick. Married. from Steve Bowman on Vimeo.

Shoot: Samira & Lee. Married.
Wednesday, August 14, 2013 3:50PM

After only a few short weeks since their short engagement session that wasn't short on awesome, once again we present you with Samira & Lee for their Big Little Sunday Wedding. Featuring such highlights as the Knife Dance prior to the cake cutting, a veritable feast of offerings as well as a money shower during the ceremony, to the sound of much cheering and audience participation.. the heavily Persian influences made for a memorable day, which is just as well as folks came from all over the country for it...and little wonder they did for such a fantastic couple.. I mean Lee's portrait direction alone was worth the trip, if not his "Reception Outfit" that made him possibly the most comfortable groom ever...Samira & Lee. Married. from Steve Bowman on Vimeo.